IU and Park Bo Gum to lead the new drama by “When the Camellia Blooms” screenwriter

Park Bo Gum and IU have been cast as male and female leads in writer Lim Sang Chun’s new work “You’ve done well”.

According to the production company Pan Entertainment on January 27th, IU and Park Bo Gum will appear in the drama “You’ve done well” (written by Lim Sang Chun/ directed by Kim Won Seok/ produced by Pan Entertainment and Baram Pictures).

“You’ve done well” (working title) is a drama that depicts the adventure of Ae Soon and Kwan Sik born in Jeju in the 1950s.

Like its title, this drama is to pay tribute to their old days, when they were still young and enthusiastic through various stories, such as mom’s first love, dad’s battle experiences, grandmother’s rebellious days, and grandfather’s affectionate side, etc.

In “You’ve done well”, IU will play the role of Ae Soon, a rebellious girl. Although Ae Soon can’t go to school because of her family circumstances, she still dreams of becoming a poet. This is a confident character who never hides when she cries and makes everyone laugh when she smiles.

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Park Bo Gum will take on the role of Kwan Sik, a reliable person who doesn’t talk much. He’s diligent and sincere. Kwan Sik loves and respects only Ae Soon with all his heart.

What’s also notable is the production team. Knowing that screenwriter Lim Sang Chun, who created well-loved works, such as “Baek Hee Has Returned”, “Fight For My Way”, “When the Camellia Blooms”, etc., and director Kim Won Seok, who was recognized for his delicate directing skills through “Misaeng”, “Signal” and “My Mister” joined hands to make “You’ve done well”, drama fans are raising high expectations.

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Pan Entertainment said, “We are very confident about working with top stars IU and Park Bo Gum in ‘You’ve done well’”, adding “With the strongest production team and cast lineup, w are preparing to create a story that can touch the hearts of viewers so please look forward to it”.

The drama is currently reaching the final stage of planning and will begin the pre-production stage in the first half of this year.

Source: wikitree

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