The identity of the actor whom Ha Jung-woo, who made his comeback after 2 years through “Narco-Saints”, had dreamed of working for 17 years ago

“Narco-Saints” actor Ha Jung-woo revealed the identity of the actor whom he had wanted to act with since 2005.

Netflix’s “Narco-Saints”, which was first released on September 9th, is rising in popularity. In particular, actor Ha Jung-woo, who is drawing keen attention with his return after the propofol controversy two years ago, revealed the name of the actor whom he had wanted to work with since 2005.

Actors Ha Jung-woo, Hwang Jung-min, Park Hae-soo, Jo Woo-jin, Yoo Yeon-seok, and director Yoon Jong-bin attended the press conference for Netflix’s original series “Narco-Saints” held on September 7th and told various stories.

Ha Jung-woo and Hwang Jung-min are two representative actors of the Korean film industry who boast outstanding acting skills and experiences, but “Narco-Saints” is the first time the two starred together in the same work.

Ha Jung-woo said, “When I first joined my agency after graduating from college, he (Hwang Jung-min) took care of me a lot. One of the most memorable moments for me was when he attended the first press conference for the movie ‘The Unforgiven’ in 2005 to encourage me”, expressing his gratitude to Hwang Jung-min, who took great care of him when he was a rookie actor.

The actor continued, “Since then, I had dreamed of working with Hwang Jung-min. I didn’t expect it to take such a long time. I felt grateful for every hour that I spent working on ‘Narco-Saints’ with him”, revealing that he waited 17 years to have an opportunity to work with Hwang Jung-min.

Flustered by Ha Jung-woo’s confession, Hwang Jung-min jokingly said, “What? You even dreamed of that?”, and confessed that he had also wanted to work with Ha Jung-woo since he was younger. Hwang Jung-min even thanked “Narco-Saints” director Yoon Jong-bin for allowing him to belatedly meet Ha Jung-woo through this drama. 

In fact, many other actors also wished to participate in the same production as the veteran actor Hwang Jung-min.

Yoo Yeon-seok, Park Hae-jin and Jo Woo-jin, who also appeared in “Narco-Saints”, also confessed that they met Hwang Jung-min for the first time through this work and showed their respect to the great senior, saying that they had dreamed of acting alongside Hwang Jung-min since a long time ago.

In response to the series of compliments from his juniors, Hwang Jung-min got embarrassed. Since then, Ha Jung-woo has expressed his deep affection for Hwang Jung-min wherever he goes. 

On September 13th, Ha Jung-woo continued to mention Hwang Jung-min in an interview with the media. He said, “It felt very comfortable acting with him. Since he is a master, he seemed to have no pressure even when filming action scenes. He is always considerate of other actors so that we can act together comfortably”, showing admiration for Hwang Jung-min’s skills.

He also shared, “I used to think Hwang Jung-min was a scary hyung, but after meeting him in person, I realized that he’s warmer and more reliable than anyone else.”

Meanwhile, “Narco-Saints” tells the story that takes place when a civilian, who was falsely accused of being the drug lord who is taking control of the South American country Suriname, accepts the secret mission by the NIS. Since its release on September 9th, “Narco-Saints”, which features many talented actors, has been enjoying its box-office success.

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