BLACKPINK Jennie on her way to Paris, taking off her boots for a comfortable flight

BLACKPINK member Jennie showed off her airport fashion.

On the 5th, Jennie posted a photo on her personal Instagram story, saying, “Off to Paris.” Clothes, bags, boots, and accessories are fully armed with Chanel. Then Jennie said, “I’ll be back safely” along with a picture taken on the plane. She removed her boots under the footrest, and placed her bag on top of the chair. She is fully prepared for a comfortable flight.

Jennie left Korea through Incheon International Airport on the same day to attend Paris Fashion Week. She also said “Blink” and didn’t forget to send her finger heart selfie for her fans.

Meanwhile, BLACKPINK is preparing for a comeback as a whole group. BLACKPINK’s last full-length album was The ALBUM, released in October 2020.

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