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TWICE’s Jihyo Spent A Happy Camping Time With ‘Model’ Younger Sister, “Sisters Are My Best Friends”

TWICE member Jihyo revealed her younger sister, who is a model, on “I Live Alone”

In MBC’s “I Live Alone” broadcast on October 13th, TWICE’s Jihyo went camping with her model younger sister.

That day, Jihyo introduced her younger sister, who is working as a model under the stage name Lee Ha-eum, then the two headed to the campsite together. The camping house at the campsite is known to have been prepared by their parents. Arriving at the campsite, Jihyo and her sister spent time talking while having some beer and preparing food.

TWICE’s Jihyo Younger Sister

While drinking, Jihyo revealed that her younger sister also likes alcohol. Later, the two made a video call with their youngest sister who is a middle school student. Jihyo even told her to “Grow up faster” so all three siblings can hang out.

After finishing their meal, Jihyo and her sister grilled marshmallows and made s’more. Jihyo exclaimed, “So delicious. I think I look like a pig right now”. When her sister asked, “Do you feel lonely when living alone?”, Jihyo responded, “I’m lonely, but the happiness and satisfaction I have help me overcome loneliness”. 

TWICE’s Jihyo Younger Sister

Jihyo’s sister confessed that she also had a dream of living independently, saying “If I live alone, I will hold a party at home once a week”, adding “You’ll be my first guest”. Jihyo asked back, “I’m not gonna be the only guest, aren’t I?”, making everyone burst into laughter.

The two drew attention as they even prepared butt warmers. Jihyo said, “Since there are four women in our family, my dad often makes it for each of us”. She then confessed, “My younger sisters are also like the best friends in my life. I want my sisters to grow up faster so that we can travel together. I want to go on a family trip in which we become the guides for our parents.”

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