Han Ga-in: “I’m a fan of H.O.T. and G-Dragon… I was also mentioned by basketball player Woo Ji-won”

Actress Han Ga-in’s 20-year history of being a fan, from boy group H.O.T. to G-Dragon, will be revealed.

SBS’ “Circle House“, which airs at 9 PM on March 24th, will be decorated with the theme of “We are obsessed with ‘popularity rise’ and addicted to ‘like'”.

Han Ga-in

Dr. Oh Eun-young, who is active as a “national mother” by comforting the hearts of the whole nation, from children to adults, will reveal an unexpected side that has not been shown so far on “Circle House”.

Han Ga-in

On this day, when a circler, who said that she was falling for NCT Mark and obtaining “fan installment savings” instead of subscription, spread out various goods, Oh Eun-young put down the dignity of “Circle Master”, got up from her seat and was busy watching. Oh Eun-young, who could not let go of her hands while looking at various goods from photo cards to dolls, foretold her “belatedly becoming a fan” of Mark, raising expectations.

Circle House

It also raises questions about what solution Oh Eun-young gave to this circler, who said that she paid for two luxury bags for a two-minute video call fan signing event with Mark.

As expected, Han Ga-in, who was looking at goods in a trance without being able to sit down, said “A fan knows the heart of a fan” and recited her history of being a fan from H.O.T., basketball player Woo Ji-won to G-Dragon. In addition, it is rumored that she is on the verge of becoming a fan of NCT Mark. Besides, Han Ga-in proved she was a successful fan by revealing that basketball player Woo Ji-won mentioned her as a “memorable fan” on a past broadcast. From video call fan signing events to birthday cafes, Han Ga-in was amazed by the fan culture of the MZ generation.

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