This Actress Underwent a Startling Transformation and Sacrificed Her Eyebrows for Film “Smugglers”

“Smugglers” is an upcoming film that has raised expectations with its stills and behind-the-scenes cuts.

Set in a seaside village in the 1970s, “Smugglers” depicts the story of female divers who have lost their jobs due to the construction of a chemical factory and become involved in smuggling. 

Kim Hye Soo and Yum Jung Ah play the leading roles as the female divers. The film also stars Jo In Sung, Park Jung Min, and Go Min Si.

Not only does Kim Hye Soo’s visual remind one of a doll, but Go Min Si, who transforms into a rough and rebellious girl for this role, steals the spotlight even more in the role of Go Ok Boon!

In the released still cuts, Go Min Si draws attention with her striking seagull-like eyebrows, old-fashioned makeup, and the traditional hanbok. She stands with a vacant gaze and heavily smudged eye makeup.

Go Min Si’s character, Go Ok Boon, is an information broker who collects everything about smuggling. Starting as a regular cafe worker, she uses her friendliness to gather information on the streets and helps Jo Chun Ja (Kim Hye Soo) and Eom Jin Sook (Yum Jung Ah).

Go Min Si actually shaved her eyebrows for this role. It was revealed in behind-the-scenes footage that she dedicated about two hours to makeup alone. This surprised even her co-star Park Jung Min, who was amazed by her commitment.

“Smugglers,” a film that raises anticipation for Go Min Si’s another transformative performance, following her previous works such as “The Witch,” “Sweet Home,” “Youth of May,” and “Jirisan,” will be released in theaters on July 26th.

Source: Daum

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