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“Transit Love 2” cast, controversy over dormitory’s hygiene… “Even a thousand-year love will cool down”

The cast of “Transit Love 2” faced a new controversy.

Recently, posts about the hygiene of Transit Love 2‘s dormitory were uploaded on various online communities.

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Netizens pointed out the attitude of many cast members who do not care about the dormitory’s hygiene. The problem was that the balloons attached to the window for Kyu-min’s birthday party on the third day of entering the dormitory were not removed until the next day, leaving traces of the party intact.

In particular, birthday balloons were attached to the window until Na-yeon’s X, Nam Hee-doo, entered the dormitory. Unlike other cast members, Nam Hee-doo, who prefers clean things, started cleaning after looking at the messy kitchen.

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One cast member asked Nam Hee-doo what he was doing, and Nam Hee-doo said, “The kitchen is so dirty.” They just watched Nam Hee-doo cleaning like that.

In an interview with the production team, Nam Hee-doo confessed that he did not get along with Lee Na-yeon due to cleaning issues. He said, “She didn’t suit me. At first, I cleaned Na-yeon’s car. I thought she’d use it cleanly if I cleaned it for her like this, but she didn’t. I nagged her a lot.”

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Netizens also mentioned Jung-kwon, who was called “cleaning fairy” in season 1. In the case of Jung-kwon, he was so diligent that he was able to maintain the cleanliness the staff initially set up.

Netizens showed reactions such as “I can’t concentrate because it’s dirty”, “You had a hard time, Jung-kwon”, “They can date in a dirty place like this? Even a thousand-year love will cool down”…

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