Top 10 Korean dramas with the highest score on Douban: Reply 1988 is unbeatable, the 2nd place is surprising

The ranking of 10 highest-rated Korean dramas on Douban could be surprising to many people.

Douban is one of China’s most popular social networking websites that post film and drama reviews, with high credibility and reputation. In addition to domestic productions, many foreign works rated and evaluated by the Chinese audience also appear on this chart. Korean dramas are no exception. There are many Korean series that get absolutely high scores on Douban.


Topping the Top 10 Korean dramas with the highest Douban score is Reply 1988, which is completely understandable when it is known as the nation’s drama with huge influence.

“Reply 1988”, a famous drama that had help many actors and actresses rise to be top stars, was made with the context of the late 80’s, which was a reliable evidence for this influence.

The following positions are High Kick Through the Roof and The Fifth Republic – 2 TV series with 9.6 points. While High Kick Through the Roof is familiar, The Fifth Republic being at 2nd place causes surprise when it is a series that barely any young viewers know of. Not only was it released a long time ago (in 2005), The Fifth Republic also exploits arid political topics, different from the trend of Korean romance dramas.


In particular, all the names listed in the top 10 are not dramas that focus on a romantic love story between the male and female lead but gravitate towards a variety of topics, from family, career passion to criminal justice. Apparently, in China, signature Korean romance dramas are not really popular with the audience.

Top 10 in details:

1. Reply 1988 – 9.7 points

2. The Fifth Republic – 9.6 points

3. High Kick Through the Roof – 9.6 points

4. Hospital Playlist – 9.5 points

5. Hospital Playlist 2 – 9.5 points

6. Dear My Friends – 9.5 points

7. Prison Playbook – 9.4 points

8. My Mister – 9.4 points

9. Navillera – 9.4 points

10. Secret Forest (Stranger) – 9.3 points

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