Dispatch makes fan laugh by throwing shade at Lucas (NCT)

Netizens can’t contain their laughter after watching Dispatch’s one-of-a-kind video featuring Lucas.

After continuously being accused of gaslighting, cheating and bad-mouthing his group members, Lucas has been one of the most controversial idols in the Kpop fan community over the past few days. Currently, the NCT member has announced to halt all activities to spend time on reflecting. However, the “heat” of Lucas’s scandal has not shown any signs of declining, as fans are constantly asking the male idol to leave the group on social media platforms.

Moreover, Dispatch also participated in this drama.  Recently, on this media outlet’s TikTok account, a video of Lucas at the airport was uploaded. Notably, Dispatch had a special way to throw shade at the male idol that made netizens laugh. Specifically, Dispatch used a funny laughter sound as the video’s BGM.

Dispatch’s sarcastic and hilarious video of Lucas has attracted many views. Many netizens think that Dispatch is deliberately laughing at Lucas as a reaction to the shocking scandals of the male idol recently.

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