This is the true soulmate of “Wednesday”: kinder and more charming than the 2022 love interests

Wednesday Addams spares little thoughts for romance, but this character may be an exception. 

Compared to previous versions, the 2022 Netflix series “Wednesday” delivered a rather unique take on Wednesday Addams, partly because she’s now in her teenage years. As a result, there are also potential love interests, and Tyler and Xavier are both strong candidates. However, both of these characters are not exactly a good fit with Wednesday, and even leading actress Jenna Ortega shared that she feels the same. Yet, there have actually been a male characters that exude strong chemistry with Wednesday in a healthy manner, and below are the reasons why. 

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First, Tyler is obviously not a romance option, seeing that he was the main villain The Hyde, who raised terrors by killing people all around Nevermore and Jericho. In addition, even if this was not the case, Wednesday and Tyler’s relationship is based on lies and emotional manipulation, which is not at all a good base for romance. 

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Meanwhile, while Xavier is no serial killer, he’s not exactly a fitting choice. For starters, while he is sincere with his feelings, he always seems to think Wednesday owes him a favor, and expects rewards for his kindness. In addition, there are moments where his privilege background comes through, and ugly jealousy moments that need some working on before he can be considered a healthy match.  And of course, seeing how wondrous the relationship of her parents has been, Wednesday is not the type to settle for less. 

So, who exactly is the romance option that’s more fitting for Wednesday? Well, for this question, we would have to go back to the 1993 movie “The Addams Family Values”.

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In this version of “The Addams Family”, Wednesday Addams went to a summer camp and got to know Joel Glicker. Right off the bat, the duo clicked over being the “odd-one-out”, and there’s just something hilarious about Joel’s shy demeanor and his never-ending allergies. Nevertheless, he helps Wednesday out with all her “projects”, and maintains a genuine friendship with her. 

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Joel and Wednesday in the 1993 movie “The Addams Family Values” 

Compared to Xavier and Tyler, Joel has a great energy and is willing to listen to Wednesday, understand her thoughts, and respect her personality. He is kind to her brother Pugsley as well, and gave sound advice to Wednesday, helping her to find a humanity deep inside her. In return, Wednesday also appreciates Joel, listening to his words and following his insight. 

At the same time, Joel has not experienced the “rebellious teenage phase”, unlike Tyler and Xavier. He also does not approach her with any ulterior motives, other than simply finding someone that clicks with him. Even when Wednesday claims that she will never get married, Joel never discriminates against such a decision, nor says that she doesn’t know better. 

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It is perhaps a great regret that there is no Joel in the 2022 series “Wednesday”, but he can always make an appearance in future seasons, and bring back his infectious charms. 

wednesday Addams
Many viewers hope that they will see Joel again in later season of “Wednesday” 

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