From crop tops to see-through dress, how Asian stars style the same outfits differently 

While many Asian female stars are seen in similar outfits, they manage to bring different feels to them.

Celebrities often choose stunning outfits for events of all scales and sizes. Therefore, it is often the case where stars are seen in similar, or even identical, clothes. Depending on how a star styles their outfits, the effects can vary tremendously. 

Jennie, Yuqui Haerin
BLACKPINK Jennie, (G)I-DLE Yuqi, and NewJeans Haerin wore the same heart-shaped cropped top from Aniye Records. BLACKPINK Jennie matched the top with a red skirt and added ribbons to her hair, simulating a ballet core-inspired look. NewJeans Haerin, on the contrary, paired the top with a pleated skirt and added accessories such as a golden necklace as a highlight for the outfit. (G)I-DLE Yuqi creatively used the top as a belt-like accessory 
NingNing, Ivy Chen Thanaerng
Aespa Ningning, Ivy Chen, and Thai female actress Thanaerng accidentally wore the same off-shoulder dress with puffy bottom and cinched waist. The three opted for a sweet and cute image. At the same time, Thanaerng stood out with her braided hairstyle 
Zhao Lu Si and Jessica
Zhao Lu Si and Jessica wore the same sparkly sequined dress to show off their visual and fitness, boasting distinct images 
Lisa Cyndi Wang
BLACKPINK Lisa and Taiwanese female actress and singer Cyndi Wang wore the same tweed skirt with striped patterns. While Cyndi Wang matched the skirt with an identical top, the BLACKPINK main dancer paired the skirt with a body-hugging pink top 
Dilraba Dilmurat, BLACKPINK Jisoo, and Yuko Araki
Dilraba Dilmurat, BLACKPINK Jisoo, and Yuko Araki were the talk of the town in Dior’s floral pattern boho dress. While most wearers paired the dress with heels to exude elegance and high class, BLACKPINK Jisoo made a bold choice and went for black boots to emulate a cool feel 
BLACKPINK Jennie and other foreign stars
BLACKPINK Jennie and other foreign stars adore a see-through one-layer dress by Chanel. Three Chinese actresses maintained the original design while BLACKPINK Jennie removed the skirt and wore  sparkly Chanel Womens shorts for a sense of modernity 

Source: k14 

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