IVE’s official YouTube channel gets hacked + plastered with Elon Musk’s “SpaceX”

The official YouTube channel of girl group IVE has been hacked by a hacker

The name of the YouTube channel, which has about 3.38 million subscribers, has been changed, and even the uploaded videos have been altered.

As of 4 PM on March 4th, when entering the YouTube channel “IVE“, the channel name has been changed to “SpaceX”.

space x

Various videos related to the spacecraft “Starship” have also been added.

IVE’s official activity videos and various music videos have been pushed back. They can only be confirmed by entering the “Playlist” section.

Fans are greatly perplexed. Those who accessed IVE’s music videos are demanding quick action from IVE’s agency Starship Entertainment.

As IVE has started their world tour, if they cannot respond quickly to the hacking incident, they may have difficulty gaining attention.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is an aerospace company founded by Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

When certain hackers or hacker groups succeed in hacking various YouTube, Instagram and Facebook accounts, they often flood them with content related to SpaceX.

Source: insight

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