7 idols born in 2003 who are staying up all night to study for the college entrance exam amid their schedule

The 2022 College Scholastic Ability Test is just around the corner. 

Itzy Yuna
Itzy Yuna

Many idol stars born in 2003 are expected to take the College Scholastic Ability Test (CSAT) on Nov 18th.

19-year-old (Korean age) stars include ITZY Yuna, fromis_9 Baek Ji-heon, STAYC Se-eun, VERIVERY Kang Min, Cravity Tae-young, Sung-min, Rocket Punch So-hee,…

Among them, Baek Ji-heon from fromis_9 is expected to have a good result.

fromis 9 Jiheon
fromis 9 Jiheon
StayC Se Eun
StayC Se Eun

She had made headlines in August with a study video showing her concentration on studying for 5 hours 37 minutes all night amid her harsh schedule at the time.

In September, the audience is surprised once again after seeing Baek Ji-heon’s Korean History mock test result on Youtube’s web entertainment show “Civilization Express”. She only got 1 wrong answer out of 20 questions.

If the aforementioned idols got accepted into college after taking the CSAT this year, they will be the 22’ school year freshmen. With many stars becoming test takers this year, fans are full of expectations to see who will become a freshman next school year.

Verivery Kangmin
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