LE SSERAFIM’s floating message “Why are girls…?”

The firepower of girl group LE SSERAFIM, which was created by HYBE and Source Music, shows no signs of cooling down.

LE SSERAFIM is an anagram of the phrase IM FEARLESS. In other words, there seems to be nothing to block them. On the other hand, their songs are surprisingly light. The title track “Fearless” is monotonous and static because it does not mix sounds splendidly.

Le Sserafim

The same goes for “Blue Flame” and “The Great Mermaid”. For example, “Blue Flame”, which compares musical greed to a blue flame that is hotter than red, maintains the same tone as the title track and blends smoothly into the album.

However, unlike ITZY and BLACKPINK, who shouted “Just pretty but not attractive at all. I’m different from the kids. I’m different” and “We’ve done this difficult thing again. We’re pretty savage”, LE SSERAFIM’s “I’m fearless” is not very discriminatory. Rather, it is clear that “girl crush” has been chosen as a marketing strategy.


There are many problems with the group now, including their costumes (tennis suits + high heels) and a scene in the MV in which they lie down and swing their bodies.

Their evasive attempt at objectification with metaphors such as the Little Mermaid makes a big hole. We cannot help but keep thinking about intentions that were misled by the agency.

Source: Daum

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