Ahn Hye-kyung “Song Joong-ki hosted wedding + asked us to stay at his house in Rome for honeymoon”

Weathercaster-turned-broadcaster Ahn Hye-kyung, who married cinematographer Song Yo-hoon, shares a touching story about Song Joong-ki

Ahn Hye-kyung will appear on the Nov 27th broadcast of SBS’s “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny” and reveal her newlywed life.

In the pre-released video, Ahn Hye-kyung’s husband Song Yo-hoon is introduced as the cinematographer of the dramas “Return”, “Innocent Defendant” and “Vincenzo”.

song joong ki

Kim Sook then mentions that actor Park Seo-joon and singer Lee Hyo-ri attended their wedding as guests, and Song Joong-ki hosted the ceremony.

Ahn Hye-kyung shares an anecdote about Song Joong-ki, “I had a video call with Song Joong-ki, and he said, ‘I’ll host the wedding for you, hyung (older brother).’ I thought I was dreaming. Song Joong-ki called me ‘hyung’ instead of ‘noona’ (older sister), so I guessed I heard wrong.”

Ahn Hye-kyung added, “Originally, just having Song Joong-ki hosting the wedding was a great gift, but he suggested, ‘Since we have a house in Rome, how about you two staying there for honeymoon?’

song joong ki

Song Joong-ki announced his marriage to former British actress Katy Louise Saunders in January and shared the news of the birth of their son in June.

Born in 1979, making her 44 years old this year, Ahn Hye-kyung debuted as a weathercaster under MBC in 2001.

Ahn Hye-kyung appeared in dramas such as “Ojakgyo Family”, “To the Beautiful You” and “School 2013”. Recently, she showcased her talents on “Kick a Goal”.

In September, Ahn Hye-kyung got married to drama “Vincenzo” cinematographer Song Yo-hoon. At the time of Ahn Hye-kyung’s wedding, Song Joong-ki, the lead actor of “Vincenzo”, took charge of hosting the event, creating a buzz. Celebrities like Kang Ah-rang, Hong Soo-ah, Park Seul-gi and Kim Young-hee attended as guests.

SBS’s “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny” featuring Ahn Hye-kyung will air today (Nov 27th).

Source: Nate

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