The person who accused IU of plagiarism has finally been identified

The person who accused singer-actress IU of plagiarism has finally been identified. IU’s side is currently proceeding with a damage compensation lawsuit against the accuser

According to the legal circles on Dec 21st, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station submitted the personal information of a person presumed to be the accuser, referred to as “A”, to the Seoul Central District Court, where the civil lawsuit is ongoing.

IU’s side filed a damage compensation lawsuit in September, seeking over 30 million won in damages, listing the accuser as “an anonymous person”. Since then, legal proceedings have been initiated to acquire the personal information of A.


The Gangnam Police Station reportedly submitted a fact-check response to the court after about 3 months. Based on this, IU’s side is conducting additional verification procedures after specifying A’s identity.

In May, the Seoul Gangnam Police Station received a complaint from A, accusing IU of infringing on music copyrights. The disputed songs included “Good Day”, “The Red Shoes”, “Bbibbi”, “Pitiful”, “Boo” and “Celebrity”.

Since the allegations surfaced, IU’s side clarified that IU only participated in composing “Celebrity” and producing “Bbibbi” among the mentioned songs. For copyright infringement to be established under copyright law, one must be involved in the creative process (composition).

Accordingly, IU’s legal representatives submitted documents to investigative agencies stating that the parts of “Celebrity” that A took issue with differed from IU’s involvement. Additionally, the composers and producers of IU’s songs directly denied plagiarism allegations. Afterwards, in August, the police decided not to proceed with A’s complaint, indicating issues in the legal procedures of the filing.

IU’s agency EDAM Entertainment regarded A’s complaint as an attempt to tarnish IU’s reputation and had pledged strong legal action. Following the lawsuit, EDAM Entertainment and the legal representative collected SNS data related to the presumed accuser and submitted it to investigative agencies to aid in identifying the individual.

Source: Wikitree

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