“Today’s Webtoon” and “Big Mouse” will start simultaneously, going against each other

The new Friday-Saturday drama “Today’s Webtoon” and “Big Mouse” will make their first start side by side. Expectations are high on whether they will be able to continue the success of “Why Her” and “Doctor Lawyer.”

SBS’ Friday-Saturday drama “Why Her” was greatly loved for actors Seo Hyun-jin and Heo Jun-ho’s passionate acting and engaging content development.

This naturally led to great ratings, maintaining between the 7-8% range. In the final episode, the viewer rating was 10.7%, showing a successful ending.

Seo Hyun-jin

Today’s Webtoon” is now aiming for the No. 1 crown among Fri-Sat dramas, which was worn by “Why Her.”

“Today’s Webtoon” (scripted by Cho Ye-rang and directed by Jo Su-won) is an office drama depicting the growth of On Ma-eum (Kim Se-jeong), a new webtoon editor, who was a judo player, who recently entered the webtoon world.

It is a remake of the popular Japanese manga “Juhan Shuttai” and deals with the material of the webtoon industry. Unlike “Why Her,” which was a legal drama, “Today’s Webtoon” will be approached as a healing drama to support those who have dreams.

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In particular, Kim Se-jeong of “Business Proposal” once again joined hands with SBS in a drama that is also the first to be presented by Choi Daniel in four years. Regarding the drama, Kim Se-jeong said, “I don’t want to burden myself that I need a second consecutive success following ‘Business Proposal’. I will work hard as I always do,” she said, drawing attention to what results she will achieve. 

If SBS has decided to release a follow-up which is a different genre from its previous work, MBC will present another intense work titled “Big Mouse.”

big mouse

The court medical drama “Doctor Lawyer” was loved as So Ji-seop’s return to the small screen and for the tense development of characters trying to dig up the truth. In particular, So Ji-seop led the ratings by digesting both the role of a doctor and a lawyer. The drama maintained an average rating of 6 to 7%, recording its own highest viewer rating of 7.2%.

“Big Mouse” (written by Kim Ha-ram, directed by Oh Choong-hwan) depicts the story of a lawyer being caught up in a murder case accidentally and got mistaken as “Big Mouse”, a genius con artist, while digging into the hidden truth of the privileged. It is a hard-boiled noir genre, and it claims to be intense, just like its previous work, “Doctor. Lawyer.”

Doctor Lawyer vs Why Her?

Actor Lee Jong-seok, who returned to the drama scene after three years, plays the role of a lawyer. Lim Yoon-ah plays a nurse who struggles to save her husband, who has been framed. As the two said at the production presentation, “I wanted to appear in this drama because it is a new work and has character that I had never done before,” expectations are also high for Lee Jong-seok and Lim Yoon-ah in “Big Mouse.”

Although “Why Her” and “Doctor Lawyer” dealt with similar topics such as legal court works, they were successful with fixed ratings of 6 to 7%, respectively. However, “Today’s Webtoon” and “Big Mouse” have completely different genres and moods. Attention is focusing on whether both will be able to continue the energy of their previous dramas, as the rating performance depends on the viewer’s taste.

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