“Emily in Paris” Korean-American actress shared delightful news “Medically cleared to fly + recovering and resting in Paris”

On Jan 29th (local time), Ashley Park (32) shared a photo of herself warmly embracing co-star Lily Collins on a sofa, along with a photo of herself receiving acupuncture, to update fans on her bright condition.

She wrote on her SNS, “I was medically cleared to fly after responding to treatments, and am now recovering and resting in Paris.” Ashley Park seems to be recuperating in France after being discharged from a hospital in Thailand.


Ashley Park continued, “I’m deeply moved and thankful for your beautiful messages of support and comfort. I am now recovering and resting in Paris where I was greeted with this incredible warm welcome from loved ones and my Emily in Paris fam.” She expressed her thoughts, “I couldn’t be more excited to join them all on set for Season 4. Thank you to Netflix and Emily in Paris for their genuine kindness and gracious patience as I wait to be medically cleared to work.”

Earlier, while on vacation in Thailand, Ashley Park contracted an infection in her tonsils, which spread to a severe septic shock, leading to a week-long stay in the intensive care unit. She underwent countless injections and tests and expressed her intense suffering. During Ashley Park’s recovery in the hospital, her boyfriend Paul Forman (29) diligently cared for her by her side. Ashley Park also shared a heartfelt message on SNS, saying, “I love you Paul. More than I can ever say.

Meanwhile, the release date for “Emily in Paris” Season 4 has not been disclosed.

Source: Nate

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