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“My body was much better than Kim Jong Kook’s”… This celebrity shocked everyone as he revealed his muscular body in the past

Singer-broadcaster Lee Sang Min recalled the old days when he had a great body.

The broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “Dolsing Fourmen” on January 31st showed the members enjoying their trip to Guam. They gathered at a restaurant on the beach and enjoyed cool drinks and delicious food.

Dolsing Fourman

During the meal, Jang Dong Min, who led the team as a tour guide in Guam, looked at the beach and exclaimed, “Why are there so many people with nice bodies?”. He continued, “Sang Min hyung, you used to be in good shape, right?”.

kim jong kook

Lee Sang Min nodded and replied, “My body used to be much better than Jong Kook’s. I weighed only 62kg”. He then showed the members a body profile picture he took 15 years ago.

Dolsing Fourman
Dolsing Fourman

Surprised by the photo, Jang Dong Min asked, “If I tell you to rebuild your body like that, can you do it?”. Lee Sang Min said, “I can. If you work out once, your body will remember it”.

Jang Dong Min continued to ask, “What if I say you’ll get rid of all your debts if you rebuild your body within 8 months?”, Lee Sang Min confidently replied, “I’ll make it in 6 months”.

Dolsing Fourman
Dolsing Fourman

Later, some muscular foreign men at the beach came up to the restaurant and greeted the members. The members then encouraged Lee Sang Min to show off his body. The foreign men burst into laughter as they were so shocked when Lee Sang Min took off his jacket.

Source: wikitree

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