Contrary to the performance on stage, Jennie was so nervous and had to fake a smile at GDA 2019?

Jennie (BLACKPINK) revealed fatigue and pressure in the first comeback after being bashed by the dating news that made the fans worry.

In the first day of 2019, Kpop fans buzzed with the information that Jennie (BLACKPINK) and Kai (EXO) were dating. After a series of scandals related to the superficial and lazy attitude on stage, this could be considered a “key” for Jennie’s scandals in 2018. After all, the audience was curious about Jennie. How will she appear at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards (GDA 2019) – her first comeback stage after the dating news?

On January 5, at GDA stage 2019, fans were relieved when they saw Jennie performing strongly and seductively. In particular, her “SOLO” performance also received a lot of compliments from netizens with an image similar to “white swan”. It seems that the “princess” of YG family has regained its form after receiving many criticisms.

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Bp Jennie GDA 2019 683x1024
Jennie “captivated” the audience with a strong and charming performance.

However, contrary to the positive expression on the stage, there was a nervous and anxious Jennie sitting under the line of artists. Following fan cam, it can be seen that BLACKPINK member kept her face down, sigh, and even tried to smile wryly. Fans said that Jennie must have been under a lot of pressure after a series of scandals, so despite trying to control it, she still seemed so tired.

Bp Jennie GDA 2019 1
Jennie was so nervous that she had to take a deep breath to keep calm.
Bp Jennie GDA 2019 3
Jisoo started talking and tried to change the atmosphere but Jennie responded with a wry smile.
Jennie’s expression of stress and anxiety at GDA 2019.

A few comments from fans:

  • “Jennie must be very nervous. I hope she will be fine.”
  • “Poor Jennie, there are so many things that scared her.”
  • “Jennie looks so sad. I hope the dating scandal will not affect too much for Jennie and the other members.”
  • “Jennie, you did a great job today. Don’t worry too much.”
  • “Jennie looked nonchalantly, even smiling wryly. Hope that you will be fine.”
  • “The way Jisoo kept looking at Jennie … The eldest sister was worried about Jennie a lot.”

Sources: k14

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