New information about Netflix’s “Goodbye Earth”, which has been temporarily put on hold because of Yoo Ah-in

There is new information about Netflix’s highly-anticipated series “Goodbye Earth”, which has been temporarily put on hold due to actor Yoo Ah-in’s drug controversy

According to YTN’s report on Dec 11th, discussions are underway to release Netflix’s original series “Goodbye Earth” in April next year. Originally scheduled for release this year, the production faced a crisis of not being released at all due to the sudden controversy involving Yoo Ah-in.

Yoo Ah-in’s scenes in “Goodbye Earth” are reported to be edited as much as possible. Yoo Ah-in, who faces serious allegations of drug use, is expected to find it difficult to return to the entertainment industry.

“Goodbye Earth” depicts the story of people living in a world in chaos ahead of the predicted apocalypse, 200 days until the Earth and an asteroid collide. The original work is a Japanese novel of the same name written by Kōtarō Isaka.

When “Goodbye Earth” faced a direct hit due to Yoo Ah-in’s controversy, supporting actor Kim Young-woong attracted attention by making a determined statement on SNS.

At that time, Kim Young-woong wrote on Instagram, “How should I express it? The welcome phone call from the casting news and the heart-fluttering memories of the first filming are all about to disappear.”

He continued, “Above all, the numerous staff members who worked hard with patience and sacrifice, the actors who came together to shine through each character, and the director who was more eager than anyone else. The writer who did not give up even while fighting a disease. The production company that took care of the scene until the end. If his misbehavior is true, he is sure to be the target of criticism.”

He added, “I have no intention of defending him. Of course, there must be a price for him to pay. However, it is upsetting that ‘Goodbye Earth’, which was about to be born through the hard work and sacrifice of countless people, will not see the light of day.”

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