BLACKPINK members’ skinny waists in unfiltered photos 

Do BLACKPINK members’ waists look flawless in every moment? 

BLACKPINK has long been famous for having gorgeous visuals. In particular, the 3 members Lisa, Rosé and Jennie are always listed among K-pop female idols with the most stunning figures with tiny ant waists and 0% body fat. However, their waists don’t always look as perfect as shown in Instagram or fansite photos. 


Having a body that is the dream of many girls, Jennie often goes for outfits that help her flaunt her enviably skinny figure and sexy body curves. Jennie’s visuals may not adhere to common Korean beauty standards, but her beauty is still admired by both domestic and international fans because she looks so unique and charming. 

Jennie outfits in America
Jennie’s figure is the body goals 
Jennie Blackpink
Jennie likes to wear outfits that help her show off her small waist 

Recently, at Jacquemus’s event to launch the new collection The Splash, held in Hawaii, Jennie caught the attention when wearing an eye-catching pink outfit including a crop top and midi skirt. In this tropical vibes outfit, Jennie manages to boast her teeny tiny waist. 

Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022
Jennie’s look is perfect in the sea background of Hawaii 
Jennie Jacqueus Show 2022
Her tiny waist is the highlight of every Jennie’s photo taken in this outfit 

However, if she looks perfect in frontal photos, in a video taken from the side, Jennie reveals her lower belly that is not as skinny as flat as usual. But fans think that her belly looked a bit bigger only because she was eating and drinking a lot.  

blackpink jennie
Jennie’s waist in an unfiltered video drew attention 

In an unedited phone camera photo taken from the side Jennie posted herself on Instagram, she may not show perfectly toned abs, but Jennie’s body still looks amazing. 

In past photos when Jennie wore a skin-tight Chanel minidress, she also surprised fans for showing a bit of belly fat. However, this is probably because of the dress itself. 

This Chanel dress did not do Jennie’s body justice 


Jisoo is famous for her beautiful face, but her body often receives mixed comments. She is said to have a bread-waist body type. That’s why Jisoo often picks outfits that don’t show her waist. Jisoo also works hard in dieting and exercising to stay in shape. 

blackpink jisoo
Jisoo used to have a rounder body 
blackpink jisoo
When dancing, her fat belly could be seen 

In some photos, even ones taken from the side, Jisoo’s abs can be seen, driving fans wild. Jisoo’s bone structure makes it difficult for her to have an ant waist, but she always stays in shape and looks skinny. 

blackpink jisoo
She often wears clothes that suits her body shape well 


Also known as the female idol with the perfect body, Lisa often wears outfits showing off her small waist. Possessing an impressive height with a rare body ratio of 9:1, she always attracts attention when appearing in the crowd. Lisa is always beautiful, with a toned body without any excess fat no matter what angle you look at her. She shared that she was not on a diet but kept a strict exercise regimen to keep her healthy and toned body.

blackpink lisa
At any angle, Lisa looks extremely attractive with toned abs.
blackpink lisa
The youngest member of BLACKPINK is attractive in the behind-the-scenes photo of MV Lalisa.
She is also not afraid to show off her abs


Famous for her small waist, Rosé revealed her waist measurement as 60cm on the show King Of Masked Singer. However, because of her beautiful body proportions, her waistline many times made the audience think it might be less than 50cm. The female idol’s waist is also very beautiful from every angle. Her abs are not clearly visible, but her lower abdomen is flat and toned.

blackpink rosé
Rosé once shocked netizens when using a headband as a belt.
She has a very small waist, so she often wears crop tops

blackpink rosé
Regardless of the angle, Rosé still maintains a flat, flawless waist.
blackpink rosé
Rosé’s attractive figure.

BLACKPINK members are all female idols with beautiful bodies. However, it seems that comparing photos taken at a horizontal angle, Jennie revealed a little flaw. While Lisa and Rosé still show their perfect body, Jennie and Jisoo lower belly, unfortunately, reveal flaws.

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