BLACKPINK Jennie appeared in a high-fashion logo outfit, showing off her status of the “Human Chanel”

BLACKPINK Jennie showed off her “Human Chanel” side again.

Chanel Ambassador Jennie recently attended the Chanel 2022/23 Autumn-Winter Ready-to-wear show held at Grand Palais Epemer in Paris.

Jennie Chanel Show Paris Fashion Week 2022

Jennie appeared in a black tweed top, velvet blouson with Sequin decorations, and a skirt, while also wearing a style matched with Coco Crush. 

The Chanel 2022/23 Autumn-Winter Ready-to-Wear Collection drew attention with a variety of items centered on the material of tweed. 

Virginie Viard, Chanel’s creative director, said, “Devoting the entire collection to tweed is a tribute. We followed the footsteps of Gabrielle Chanel along the River Tweed, to imagine tweeds in the colors of this landscape. With the tweed, which enables an infinite combination of colors and materials, we once again emphasized that it is Chanel’s eternal code,” she explained.

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