AOA’s Former Member Choa Revealed Idols’ Cruel Reality, “Some Rely On Medicine To Endure”

Choa gave advice with concern for her juniors

On the morning of November 28th, a press conference for the new variety program ‘Playing Sisters’ was held a with the participation of the cast Chae Ri-na, Lee Ji-hye, Narsha, Ivy, and Choa. This is an entertainment program where you can hear the “overcoming the slump” stories of singers who once dominated Korea.


In this event, Choa was asked, “Can you give advice to K-pop juniors?” The singer then replied, “Actually, there are a lot of active idols who try to endure with medicine. In my special case, I also got burned out, so I took a long break.”

“I also met my senior unnies while wondering, ‘How do I maintain this?’ Chae Ri-na told me, “To become popular is not the important thing, to be able to endure and maintain your position is.’”


Meanwhile, Choa also expressed concerns about younger singers, saying, “There are a lot of idols who have mental problems while going back and forth from overseas and Korean activities, but I hope they don’t feel too burdened and stay mentally healthy and happy.”

Choa debuted as a member of the group AOA in 2012 and gained popularity with her outstanding singing skills and extraordinary beauty. However, she left the team in June 2017 for health reasons and returned as a solo artist three years later in 2020.

Source: wikitree

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