BoA’s Honest Confession: “I Thought I Would Get Married Before Turning 40”

BoA confessed that she thought she would quit her singing career after five years.

In the new episode of the TV show “Dancing Queens on the Road” aired on July 6th, BoA shares her concerns at Uhm Jung Hwa’s house.

While watching her past videos, BoA reminisced, “At that time, I had the rebellious spirit of a kid, but I thought I was quite mature.

BoA Dancing Queens on the Road

BoA continued, “I didn’t know I would continue to be a singer for so long. Back then, idol groups disbanded after five years. I also thought I would quit after five years.” 

In response to Uhm Jung Hwa’s question, “What did you plan to do?” BoA replied, “I thought I would go to college, study, and get married. In an old interview, I said my dream was to become a married woman.”

Uhm Jung Hwa empathized with BoA’s distress, “Actually, I felt the same way. I always wondered when it would end.”

BoA recalled, “I felt really strange when I was 29. When I turned thirty, I started thinking about what I should do as a singer in the future. The most challenging thing for a female singer in her 30s is that the people I worked with are no longer on TV.

In response to BoA’s remark, Uhm Jung Hwa exclaimed in surprise, “Are you already (turning 40)?”

Source: Daum. 

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