Veteran Actor Became Kim Hye-soo’s Savior When She Had A Hard Time And Didn’t Eat

This actor is also respected by the entertainment industry for his career and kindness.

While training as a baseball player until high school, Jeong Bo-seok’s health deteriorated due to excessive exercise and he suddenly turned to acting. Despite his late studies, actor Jeong Bo-seok entered Chung-Ang University’s Department of Theater and Film with a clear sense of goal.

Jeong Bo-seok drew attention with significant minor roles until became known with his friendly character in “High Kick Through the Roof.”

jeong bo seok

The actor once revealed his friendship with Kim Hye-soo by saying, “When she was in high school, we worked together. Kim is a baby to me.”

He revealed, “At the time of filming, Kim Hye-soo was a third-year high school student. My heart ached back then. Even though Kim Hye-soo was a healthy child, her mother restricted her food intake due to her daughter’s job.” Jeong Bo-seok reminisced, “So I secretly went to eat with Kim Hye-soo.” He laughed, saying, “So I held a lot of resentment towards Kim Hye-soo’s mother.”

In October 2014, Jeong Bo-seok joined the ‘Honor Society’ as member number 595, a high-profile donor club. Initially rejecting the membership proposal, he reconsidered quietly noble gestures and eventually joined, with his wife also being a member. Since 2017, he has been serving as the chairman of ‘Dawon Cultural Welfare Foundation,’ a youth foundation, and has been a judge for the Blue Dragon Film Awards since 2014.

Source: daum

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