Lee Si Young hanging on a cliff in Hawaii leaves netizens concerned 

Actress Lee Si Young chilled the hearts of netizens with thrilling photos taken in Hawaii. 

On April 12th, Lee Si Young posted several photos on her Instagram. The photos showed Lee Si Young at Lanikai Pillbox, a hiking area in Hawaii. She showed off her toned body in tight sports shorts that perfectly hugged her curves.

Lee Si young

Lee Si Young also boasted extraordinary strength by hanging on the edge of a structure with both hands, using her arm and abdominal muscles to climb up, leaving a deep impression.

She also drew attention with her relaxed smile, making people focus on her.

Netizens who saw the photos expressed concern about the dizzying height of the Hawaii beach and buildings below.

Lee Si young

They left comments on Lee Si Young’s Instagram, such as “You shouldn’t do that. It looks too dangerous,” “Why are you doing that?” “What if you slip and fall? It’s scary,” “Even if you have good strength, please don’t do it. It’s dangerous,” “There must have been a place to land below, right?”

Lee Si Young is known as an exercise maniac in the entertainment industry. She has also been active as a boxer, and was even selected as a national representative in 2013.

In January of this year, Lee Si Young climbed Hallasan Mountain with her son, drawing attention. At that time, some netizens expressed opinions such as “It’s dangerous” and “Do you have no sense of safety?” 

Meanwhile, Lee Si Young recently appeared in Netflix’s entertainment show “Zombieverse,” and is gearing up for the release of the Netflix original drama “Sweet Home 2.”

Source: Wikitree

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