Kim So Eun is struggling to impress with her movie and K-drama roles

The performance of actress Kim So Eun in both K-drama and movie this year leave a lot to be desired. 

Kim So Eun is making her small screen comeback through the KBS2 TV’s weekend drama, which first aired on September 24th. This is her first major drama appearance for 2 years, after “Lonely Enough to Love”, which aired in 2020. 

Kim So-eun

In addition, she recently starred as the heroine in the movie “The Distributors”, which was released exclusively at CGV on November 23rd, and will be broadcast on KBS in December. 

All in all, Kim So Eun has been active on both the big and small screen in the 2nd half of the year, but her career remains “ambiguous”.

First, for a weekend drama, “Three Bold Siblings” is struggling in ratings. Episode 5 (broadcast on October 5th) recorded the series’ personal lowest viewership rating at 16.9% (Nielsen Korea). In the midst of this, the 16th episode (November 13), in which Kim So Eun assumed the major role and had plenty of screen time, also witnessed a 1.4% decline in viewership, compared to the previous week. 

At the same time, Kim So Eun did not manage to make much of an impression with her role in “Three Bold Siblings”. In the series, she transforms into Kim So Rim, the middle child of the Kim family who gets along with her sister. She is one of the main cast members, but her impact through each episode leaves much to be desired. 

Kim So eun

The turn-out for Kim So Eun’s movie is also not positive. On the day of the opening, December 23rd, there were 3679 audiences, and the number dropped to 2476 people on the 2nd day. On the 3rd day of release, the number rose to 2541 people, with no big difference to the previous day. This is an extremely meek reception compared to other movies airing around the same period, such as “The Own”, “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”, and “Decibel”. 

Prior to the release, Kim So Eun’s movie “The Distributors” was promoted through various channels, but the audience’s reaction was average. There are suspicions that audiences are taking their time since the movie will be broadcast on KBS 2TV on December 28th, so they feel it’s not necessary to go to the cinema. However, the audience’s reviews about the main character, Kim So Eun, are not noticeable. There should be word of mouth from the audience, but there isn’t.

Despite tackling both the small and big screen in 2022, Kim So Eun seldom catches the public’s attention. 

Kim So Eun

She is Kim So-eun, who appeared in a series of dramas and movies that were released, but she seldom catches the public’s attention. On September 23rd, she appeared as a special menu evaluation judge on KBS 2TV’s “Stars’ Top Recipe at Fun-Staurant”. However, the viewership rating for her episode was only 3.9%, down 0.4% from the previous week (September 16th).

Kim So Eun is meeting with the public in the second half of 2022, but public reaction is lukewarm, as shown through movie turn out and low viewership rating. As a result, her career path seems “ambiguous”, signaling that a lot of more effort and luck are needed with her future project. 

Source: Naver

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