BTS is the Kpop group that gains the most followers on Instagram and Twitter in 2021

2021 is a very successful year for BTS as they have gained outstanding achievements


On the 31st, K-pop Radar, a fandom data service, released records of artists who achieved remarkable results by dividing data related to K-pop artists, which heated up this year in 2021, into music videos and SNS categories.

As a result of counting based on the cumulative number of views of the music videos released this year, BTS recorded the highest annual number of views. Butter topped the list of views and Permission to Dance ranked second. Third and fourth places were BLACKPINK Lisa‘s “Lalisa” and Rosé‘s “On the Ground.

In the 2021 monthly HOT music video selected by K-pop Radar, the most popular groups such as BTS, BLACKPINK, TWICE, SHINee, NCT, and Stray Kids were selected. In addition, rookie aespa, Weekly, and IVE also entered the list. 


According to the results of examining the year-over-year growth of Instagram followers, BTS‘ performance also stands out in the top 10 year-over-year growth in Instagram followers.  All BTS members recently opened their personal Instagram and quickly gained a massive number of followers. 

BTS ranked first in the top 10 annual increase in Twitter followers, followed by ENHYPEN and TXT. Stray Kids, Black Pink, NCT, EXO, and Twice also entered the chart.

K-pop Radar is a fandom data service opened by music startup Space Audity that can capture fandom data at a glance according to the rapid growth of K-pop.  Changes in music video views, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify subscribers and fan cafe memberships of 655 Korean artists are provided through web services in the form of graphs and charts.

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