Kim Jun-han joins the cast of “Influenza” alongside BLACKPINK’s Jisoo

Actor Kim Jun-han is aiming for a second consecutive hit with Coupang Play

According to Star News on Nov 3rd, it has been confirmed that Kim Jun-han will appear in Coupang Play’s new series “Influenza”.

This is the second time Kim Jun-han and Coupang Play have collaborated, with Kim Jun-han previously playing the role of Choi Ji-hoon, Anna (Suzy)’s husband, in “Anna” released in June last year. “Anna” secured the top spot in the Coupang Play popular series TOP20, topping the list for 18 consecutive days.

Kim Jun-han

Following Suzy in “Anna”, Kim Jun-han will now work with BLACKPINK’s Jisoo in “Influenza”. “Influenza” is a drama depicting the process of soldier Lee Jae-yoon and his girlfriend Kang Young-joo fighting against a horde of zombies and running towards each other against the background of an air defense unit in a high-rise building in Seoul. It is based on the novel of the same name by Han Sang-woon.

Park Jung-min and Jisoo are currently considering the roles of Lee Jae-yoon and Kang Young-joo, respectively.

In the drama, Kim Jun-han will play Private Ra In-ho, who, after getting married and having a baby, enlisted in the army at a relatively old age as Lee Jae-yoon’s fellow soldier. Ra In-ho is a character who contributes significantly to the survival time of his fellow soldiers by using various knowledge to design ingenious actions and survival techniques to resolve the zombie situation.

Kim Jun-han

The director of “Influenza” is Yoon Sung-hyun, known for movies like “Bleak Night” and “Time to Hunt”. The screenwriters are Han Jin-won and Ji Ho-jin, known for the film “Parasite”.

Kim Jun-han began his entertainment career as the band izi’s drummer in 2005. Starting from 2014, he ventured into acting with minor roles and gained more attention in 2017 through the film “Anarchist from Colony”.

In the same year, he demonstrated stable acting skills through tvN’s “Prison Playbook”. Kim Jun-han has appeared in various dramas and films since then, showcasing his wide acting spectrum.

Source: Daum

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