Both BTS Jungkook and Shim Hyung Tak’s Wife Confirmed Their ‘Look-alike’

Hirai Saya and BTS Jungkook became hot topic recently because of their look-alike appearance.

Recently, Hirai Saya shared her thoughts on the matter through her social media, stating, “I was very surprised and grateful for the mention Jungkook gave me the last time, and it made me very happy.”

She added, “People saw me on TV and told me that I resemble [Jungkook], and the fact that [Jungkook] acknowledged it made me feel like I was dreaming. Thank you,” expressing her gratitude.


During a live broadcast on the fan community platform Weverse, Jungkook also mentioned Hirai Saya, saying, “She does look like me,” making fans thrilled.

Their confirmation immediately excited fans. Earlier MCs of “Lovers of Joseon” showed interest in the appearance of Shim Hyung Tak’s bride-to-be Hirai Saya. Lim La Ra, one of the MCs, said, “It’s really amazing. We didn’t know you at that time, but you became a hot topic because you looked like BTS Jungkook. Articles were going around with pictures attached, and you two looked very similar.” After the show was aired, the similar in appearance of the two became so hot that both of them know about it

Source: Insight

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