Fans released official statement about Kim Seon-ho’s controversy

Recently, a post by a woman claiming to be K’s ex-girlfriend was uploaded on an online community. She insisted that when she got pregnant, K urged her to abort the child. After that, he sent only 2 million won of operation expenses, acted as if he did nothing and blamed her instead.

Fans released official statement about Kim Seon-ho's controversy

Since then, it has been claimed that popular actor K is Kim Seon-ho, who recently starred in ‘Hometown Cha Cha Cha’. On this day, YouTuber Lee Jin-ho directly mentioned the actor’s name, “Actor K, who is suspected of urging abortion and promising marriage under false pretenses, is Kim Seon-ho.

Actor Kim Seon-ho’s fans released a statement and asked the public to refrain from reckless speculations.

Regarding this, DC Inside’s male celebrity gallery issued a statement saying, “There are currently a lot of reckless speculations about actor Kim Seon-ho, so we could not help but feel so devastated.

The gallery emphasized, “Fans cannot tolerate serious criminal acts that cause indescribable pain to the person concerned such as spreading groundless facts through videos, posts or comments in an online space where anyone can see or damaging people’s reputation by abusive language and insults. In addition to creating and spreading false information online, the behavior of distributing false information generated by others through videos or posts is a criminal offense that violates the Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection, etc. as well as a subject of criminal punishment as a criminal act corresponding to the crime of defamation under the Criminal Act.

Fans released official statement about Kim Seon-ho's controversy

They added, “Kim Seon-ho’s fans will continue to track and monitor the criminal acts of those who defame actor Kim Seon-ho by spreading false information and destroy a man’s personality with serious abusive and insulting remarks. We will take all possible legal measures, such as criminal prosecution and claim for civil damages without any mercy or tolerance. Therefore, please immediately stop creating or spreading false information that defames actor Kim Seon-ho and further causes mental damage as well as delete all existing defamatory posts.

Meanwhile, Salt Entertainment – Kim Seon-ho’s management agency – has not declared its position on the matter.

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