Victim confessed to being infected with an incurable STD transmitted from an “I Am SOLO” male cast 

Netizens are shocked by the revelation that a male cast from “I Am SOLO” had an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

On February 16th, an article titled “A cast member of ‘I Am SOLO’ made me suffer terrible pain” was uploaded on Nate Pann.

OP revealed that A, a male cast from “I Am SOLO”, transmitted Herpes Type 2 virus to OP, and when OP told A about that, A decided to break up with OP. A person can get infected with Herpes Type 2 virus (HSV-2) through the skin and mucous membranes when doing sexual contact. It is known to be an incurable STD (sexually transmitted disease).

A cast

OP said, “I was infected with an STD transmitted from A, a man in his late 30s who recently appeared on a dating program”, adding “Since I suffered a lot from that, I’m writing this to prevent more victims from appearing.”

OP claimed, “We dated for less than a year. It was a short time but we had happy memories. However, A left me with an irreversible wound”, adding “The STD I got from A is Herpes Type 2 virus. I heard it’s an incurable disease”.

OP continued, “The fact that I have to reveal this issue to no matter who I will date in the future made me suffer mental stress and experience depression for a while”, adding “Due to the nature of his job, A might not know that he had an STD when we were dating”.

A cast

According to OP, A broke up with OP after knowing that A got STD because of him. A explained, “Even when I knew it was an STD, I still wanted to solve the issue through conversations and continue dating. I was that sincere to him. All I wanted was an apology”.

Lastly, OP said, “From my point of view, I feel angry seeing him appear on a popular dating program with a happy face like nothing happened”, adding “I hope he should at least feel ashamed and reflect on himself. I hope there are no more victims.”

Source: wikitree

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