Photos of Hwang Bora’s bridal shower ahead of marriage: Unexpected friendships revealed

The wide network of actress Hwang Bora, who is about to get married, is attracting attention.

On October 19, Hwang Bora posted multiple photos from her bridal shower to her Instagram story. In the released photos, the bride-to-be’s party is decorated with props such as balloons and flowers. Purple balloons and decorations that resemble Hwang Bora’s name draw attention.

hwang bora wedding

Hwang Bora was enjoying the party while drinking wine. She seems to have had a good time with her close female friends ahead of the wedding.

Comedians Park Narae, Kim Jimin, Jeong Yirang, and Han Yunseo, who became close to Hwang Bora through broadcasting, threw this surprise bridal shower for her together. Writer Baek Yunjo, a member of Ha Jung Woo Walking School, also attended the party.

hwang bora wedding

On the same day, Han Yunseo, who attended her party, shared several pictures through her own Instagram.

She said, “It was a pity that I came late, but Bora unnie’s bridal shower was perfect. We picked, set, and decorated all the costume accessories and decorations ourselves. We worked hard for a month. Let’s be together for a long time.” She continued, “Congratulations on the wedding of the most beautiful bride in the world.” 

hwang bora wedding

Photos of Hwang Bora and her friends dressed in matching costumes while posing happily for the camera gain keen attention. Their friendship warms netizens’ hearts. 

Hwang Bora is getting married on November 6th after 10 years of dating. Her husband-to-be is film producer Kim Younghoon, the son of actor Kim Yonggun and younger brother of Ha Jungwoo (Kim Seonghoon).

hwang bora wedding

The two have been in love since 2013. Hwang Bo-ra announced through Instagram earlier this month, “I am getting married to him, my long-time companion, in November. Because of the blessings of many people for a long time, we were able to be together with stronger hearts.”

Hwang Bora, Park Narae, and Kim Jimin hosted KBS Joy’s entertainment program “SsulVival” together last year.

Source: wikitree

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