Will SM Entertainment introduce an 8-member girl group, Na Haeun might be a member? 

Two years after aespa’s debut, recent activities from SM may be hinting at an upcoming girl group.

On November 15th, the official Instagram account of SM Entertainment Training Unit released a series of photos of who might be the newest trainees of the company. According to the posted pictures, a group of girls were seen traveling to different destinations. Their faces could not not be made out due to back shots or backlit angles. 

sm girl group
According to the released photos, the public speculated that the new girl group would have 8 members. 

More importantly, a photo capturing the silhouettes of the girls lined up horizontally further strengthened on-going speculation of a new SM girl group. Up to this point, apart from Girls’ Generation, SM only has two major active girl groups, namely aespa and Red Velvet. Following the release of the pictures, the public are also curious of the trainees’ identities. The most anticipated name is Na Haeun – the 2009 child star who made an impression with her professional-level dance routines and her appearance on the 2018 “Melon Music Awards”. 

na ha eun

In April, SM Entertainment confirmed that Na Haeun is joining the company after signing an exclusive contract. She has appeared in some SM videos, surprising viewers with her maturity and beauty. Currently, Na Haeun is 13 years old so the fellow trainees are predicted to be around the same age. 


Source: billboard

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