“20th Century Girl” Kim Yoo Jung, “I look like NewJeans Danielle? That’s great… I’m a fan too”

Famous actress Kim Yoo Jung expressed her excitement about being said to resemble Danielle of girl group NewJeans.

On the morning of October 25th, actress Kim Yoo Jung, whose movie “20th Century Girl” (director Bang Woori) was recently released, had an interview with SPOTV News at a cafe in Samcheong-dong, Seoul and told her various stories.

On this day, Kim Yoo Jung was asked, “Have you ever heard that you resemble a member of NewJeans?”

To this, the actress said, “Is it Danielle? I know about that comparison. That’s great, I also like NewJeans very much.”

She also added, “I became a fan as soon as I debuted. I like all the members, but I’ve heard that people say they look alike a lot. There seems to be a similar atmosphere, but they also look different depending on the styling. I personally love that fresh feeling, and in a way, it’s similar, but I have a different feeling.”

Kim Yoo Jung also expressed her affection for NewJeans, saying, “Aren’t NewJeans so pretty? I don’t know how many times I watched their YouTube video as soon as it came out. I was happy to hear that I looked like the hottest girl group who came out with extreme prettiness these days.”

kim yoo jung 20th century girl

The Netflix movie “20th Century Girl” is a romance film set in the year 1999, where a 17-year-old girl called Bora (Kim Yoo Jung) decided to be a Cupid of Love to fulfill the first love of her best friend Yeon Doo (Noh Yoon Seo), only to be swept up in a romance of her own. 

The movie, which reflects the nostalgic vibes of first love and regrets, was released on Netflix on October 21st.

Source: Nate

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