“The Glory” PD Ahn Gil Ho refutes school violence allegation, “I have no memory of such a thing”

Director Ahn Gil Ho of Netflix’s drama “The Glory” responded to the school violence accusation that was recently raised.

On March 10th, netizen A posted an article on “Hey Korean”, a community site for Koreans living in the U.S., claiming of being assaulted by PD Ahn Gil Ho, who directed Netflix’s drama “The Glory”, in the Philippines in 1996.


According to A’s allegation, PD Ahn, who was a third-year high school student at that time, dated female middle school student B. When A and other classmates teased B, PD Ahn called some senior students to assault A and their friends.

A claimed that they were beaten for around 2 hours by about 10 people, including PD Ahn, at the scene.

In a phone call with Yonhap news, A said, “It was very terrible, but as time passed, I forgot about it”, adding, “One day, classmates from my Philippine school shared it in a group chatroom that Ahn Gil Ho is the director of ‘The Glory’”.

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A continued, “The perpetrator may not remember it, but I decided to revealed this because I felt frustrated that a school violence perpetrator created a drama that deals with school violence issues. I want him to apologize and reflect on his wrongdoings.”

In response to this, PD Ahn Gil Go denied the accusation, stating that he studied in the Philippines for about a year but had never been involved in any physical conflicts with Korean students.

The director said to Yonhap News, “There was absolutely no such thing”, and affirmed, “No matter how much I think about it, I have no memory of assaulting anyone in a group.”

“The Glory” Part 2, which premieres at 5 p.m (KST) on the same day, depicts the story of Moon Dong Eun (Song Hye Kyo), whose soul was broken due to school violence experiences, and her revenge against the perpetrators after becoming an adult.

Source: Nate

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