Lee Dong-gun Recalls His Divorce With Jo Yoon-hee, “There Was No One On My Side”

Lee Dong-gun mentioned his divorce from Jo Yoon-hee on “My Little Old Boy”

The November 26th broadcast of SBS’s entertainment program “My Little Old Boy” showed the daily life of a man who has returned to a single life for 4 years.

That day, Lee Dong-gun invited Lee Sang-min and Kim Joon-ho, who have been single for 19 years and 6 years, respectively, after their divorces. Lee Sang-min told Lee Dong-gun, “I didn’t know you were already divorced. I thought good-looking people were all living well”.

When Lee Sang-min asked, “When did you divorce? How could it be that quiet?”, Lee Dong-gun shyly replied, “It’s been four years. I thought it would cause a stir but…”. Hearing that, Lee Sang-min commented, “My divorce was controversial”, recalling when he held a press conference back then.

When asked if his divorce process was long, Lee Dong-gun shared, “It ended very quickly and briefly. It was agreed by both sides so there were no problems during the process. We’ve never talked on the phone since our divorce. Before parting ways, we already split everything accurately”.

Next, Lee Sang-min wondered, “Have you ever felt empty when old memories suddenly came to mind after your divorce?”. In response, Lee Dong-gun confessed, “I have a child. There are times like that, for example, when the child sleeps next to me and her face after waking up. We started my married life in my house, then gave birth to my daughter and raised her there then we divorced. So when I was left alone, it was a little empty.”

He continued, “But I think I accepted the divorce very quickly. When going through the divorce, there was no one on my side”.

Source: Daum

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