KBS Refutes Allegation Of Threatening Jung Joon-young’s Illegal Filming Victim

KBS clarified the rumors of them pressuring the victim of Jung Joon-young’s sex crime through a lawyer in the past

On May 21st, KBS said, “The reporter who appeared in the documentary ‘Burning Sun: Exposing the secret K-pop chat groups’ released by BBC News Korea stated in an article that they never said, ‘KBS lawyer contacted and pressured Jung Joon-young’s victim’ in interviews. The allegation is not true at all”

jung joon young

They further explained, “The reporter, who appeared in BBC documentary, said in the article titled ‘KBS has nothing to do with Jung Joon-young’s sexual crimes’ published today (May 21st) that they never told BBC anything like the statement, ‘A KBS lawyer contacted the victim who sued Jung Joon-young’, in the video released by BBC”.

In addition, they emphasized, “After BBC published the narration claiming that KBS lawyer contacted the victim, the reporter already clarified that the lawyer in the content was the victim’s lawyer, not KBS’s lawyer”.

KBS added, “We would like to express our regrets toward BBC and ask for a report or article to correct the facts”, adding “We will consider taking legal action if false information is not corrected”

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