“The Glory” director Ahn Gil Ho accused of being a school violence perpetrator in the past

Suspicion of “The Glory” PD Ahn Gil Ho’s past as a school violence perpetrator was recently raised in an online community.

Prior to the release of Part 2, Netflix’s “The Glory”, which deals with school violence issues, suffers controversies as director Ahn Gil Ho is exposed as a school violence perpetrator during his school days. 

Netizen A recently posted a lengthy revelation on an online community under the title “‘The Glory’ drama PD was a school violence perpetrator”, saying “I don’t often watch K-dramas so I didn’t know Ahn Gil Ho is working as a director. I found out about it when classmates from my Philippine school shared it in a group chatroom after ‘The Glory’ became a hot topic”. They added, “Even if Ahn Gil Ho is living well, I don’t want to make an issue out of it. However, I felt frustrated and couldn’t forgive the fact that a school violence perpetrator created a drama like ‘The Glory,’ which sounds an alarm about school violence.”


In their post, A describes in detail that PD Ahn committed school violence in 1996. At that time, PD Ahn was a third-year high school student at a local school in the Philippines, and A, who claimed to have been a victim, was in the second year of middle school at an international school. The incident began when PD Ahn started dating female middle school student B, then A and other classmates teased her. PD Ahn ordered some students at the international school to drag A and A’s friend somewhere and assault them.

A claimed, “At that time, I was too nervous and scared to accurately remember how many people were there, but there were around 10 older students including PD Ahn. From then on, we began to get beaten and when we didn’t answer questions about who had made fun of PD Ahn’s girlfriend, they threatened us with things like ‘bring a knife’ and ‘squeeze them’, followed by threats and physical assault.” A revealed that they were beaten for nearly two hours.

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It was not easy to reveal a school violence act. A said, “Looking at the school violence issues in the entertainment industry, there have been many cases where whistleblowers have suffered from the aftermath. Since I am not living in Korea, it was not a problem for me, but I was worried about my friends who are in Korea right now”, adding “But my friends said, ‘You can’t even do that?’, so I decided to come forward with the difficult decision to make this revelation.”

The bigger problem is the changes that occurred after the violence occurred. A said, “At that time, most of the students in the same grade were childhood friends who grew up together in the Philippines. It was the time when the concept of strict senior-junior relationships in Korea was not so well-known there”. A also said, “However, after the assault incident in my second year of middle school, there were significant changes in our school.”

A revealed, “After the first assault, male students in our grade were frequently beaten by senior students at the direction of PD Ahn. They used to be older brothers whom we grew up with, but after then, they beat us because of our habits, and some friends got hit for not greeting them properly.”

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The production team of Netflix’s “The Glory” is reportedly trying to understand the situation and verify the facts. Producer Ahn Gil Ho is not answering any questions from reporters.

A, who is currently living in the U.S, said to The Daily, “If PD Ahn denies the allegations, then my friends who were there with me will testify together. If he denies and takes legal action, I will also respond actively”, adding “What we want is ‘justice.’ Isn’t it obvious that this shouldn’t happen to anyone? It’s too disgusting.”

Meanwhile, “The Glory” Part 2 will premiere at 5 p.m. on the same day (March 10th).

Source: Nate

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