Yook Sung-jae’s “The Golden Spoon” topped the Friday-Saturday drama category for 2 consecutive weeks

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “The Golden Spoon” (written by Yoon Eun-kyung, Kim Eun-hee/directed by Song Hyun-wook, Lee Han-joon) took first place in terms of topicality among Friday-Saturday dramas for 2 consecutive weeks.

According to data from the TV topicality analysis agency Good Data Corporation, “The Golden Spoon” topped the Friday-Saturday drama category in the 5th week of September with a share of 46%. This is the overwhelming No.1 among Friday-Saturday dramas. “The Golden Spoon” also ranked 2nd among all dramas after tvN’s Saturday-Sunday drama “Little Women”.

“The Golden Spoon” revolves around Lee Seung-cheon (Yook Sung-jae), a child born in a poor family who changes fate with a friend who was born in a wealthy family through a golden spoon and becomes an acquired gold spoon. Yook Sung-jae, who chose “The Golden Spoon” as his comeback work after being discharged from the military, received favorable reviews from viewers for his acting.

In episode 4, it was revealed that Oh Yeo-jin (Yeonwoo) also changed parents with a wealthy friend through a mysterious golden spoon when she was young and that friend died, shocking viewers. In the preview for episode 5, Yook Sung-jae (as Lee Seung-cheon) said, “Please save him. I don’t need the golden spoon anymore.” Along with this, the scene of him working part-time at the delivery drop-off area and the line “I like you, Seung-cheon” by Jung Chae-yeon (as Na Joo-hee), who shed tears in a quiet church, added to the curiosity.

Meanwhile, this survey, released by the TV topicality analysis agency Good Data Corporation on Oct 4th, is the result of analyzing programs-related information on news articles, VON (blog/community), videos, SNS and netizens’ responses to them, targeting at dramas that are airing or scheduled to air from Sep 26th to Oct 2nd.

Source: daum

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