Jung Woo-sung After 11 Years, Lee Dong-wook After 8 Years: The Return Of Romance Kings

Jung Woo-sung and Lee Dong-wook will return to romance productions

Jung Woo-sung will return to filming a romance drama after 11 years with the production “Tell Me That You Love Me.” Based on the Japanese drama of the same name, the drama is about the silent love between painter Cha Jin-woo (Jung Woo-sung) and actress Jung Mo-eun (Shin Hyun-bin).

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Jung Woo-sung will act in a melodrama for the first time in 11 years since JTBC’s drama “Padam Padam.” In response to this, he said at a press conference, “It’s been 11 years since I did a melodrama, but I don’t know what kind of charm it will have. I think it’s something viewers can see and evaluate. It’s a work that I have thought of making since watching the original a long time ago.”

On the other hand, Lee Dong-wook will also act in a melodrama for the first time in eight years with the movie “Single in Seoul.” This is a well-made movie about reality, empathy and romance. It tells the story of powerful influencer Young-ho (Lee Dong-wook) who likes to be alone and Hyun-jin ( Lim Soo-jung), the editor of a publishing company who doesn’t like to be alone, making a book about single life. Young-ho, played by Lee Dong-wook, is a powerful influencer who enjoys his single life with various hobbies and skills.

Lee dong wook

Having recently tried various genres such as thriller, fantasy, and action, the actor returned to romantic comedy after a long time. In an interview, he said, “I’m in my early 40s now, and I wondered if I could act in a romance production even in my 50s. In the end, I thought I’d do it when I could. Romance is an important genre to show an actor’s charm. The male protagonist needs to be a little cute in order to make viewers empathize more. That’s why I wanted to do it even when I was one year younger.”

Source: naver

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