K-Drama “Not Others” Captivates Audiences with Remarkable Ending and Record-Breaking Ratings

The ending of “Not Others” touches viewers’ hearts.  

After a 12-episode journey, “Not Others” officially concludes with a profoundly moving ending. In the final episode, after numerous conflicts and misunderstandings, Eun Mi (Jeon Hye Jin) and Mi Jung (Kim Hye Eun) decide to become a family. Together with Jin Hee (Soo Young), the three women take a family photo with a portrait of their late mother. As they stand side by side, smiling brightly, they feel as if their grandmother and mother have returned.

Not Others

Mi Jung and Eun Mi are mother and daughter, while Jin Hee is the granddaughter. Looking at the document, Jin Hee cries tears of joy because after nearly 30 years of a life with only two family members, she now has her own relatives. At the same moment, Eun Mi is sobbing and receives a comforting hug from the man she loves. Ultimately, from being complete strangers who despised each other, they truly become a family. This scene brings tears to the viewers’ eyes.

Not Others

The series ends with Jin Hee deciding to travel around the world for a year, leaving behind her worries. Previously, Eun Mi was sad that her daughter wouldn’t accompany her, but she unexpectedly appears at the airport, saying she has her own pilgrimage to undertake. As a result, the two mother and daughter pairs embark on new journeys, much like friends.

Before starting their new adventures, Jin Hee surprises her boyfriend with an unexpected kiss.

With a satisfying ending, the final episode’s rating for “Not Others” reaches a record-breaking high of 5.5%. The drama maintains an average national rating of 1.3% and continuously sets new personal records for ratings with each episode, except for episode 10. With these achievements, “Not Others” becomes the drama with the highest ratings in ENA’s history for the start of a week and also holds the highest rating for ENA in 2023.

Source: K14. 

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