Actress Oh Yoon-ah On Raising Son With Developmental Disability In Puberty, “Why Does He Hate Me?”

Actress Oh Yoon-ah revealed that her son hit puberty.

On December 8th, Oh Yoon-ah posted a video titled “Oh! Yoon-ah’s Winter Lookbook!” on her YouTube channel “Oh! Yoon-ah.”

Oh Yoon-ah shared her latest news after a long time and revealed her own winter style that is both warm and fashionable.

At the end of the video, Oh Yoon-ah said to fans who were curious about her son Min’s recent status, “He has grown up a lot already,” sharing that he will turn 18 next year.

Oh Yoon-ah revealed that her son hit puberty, asking, “I guess every kid hates their moms when they hit puberty. Why?” She added, “I’m getting used to it and I’m spending time with my new Min,” sharing that she is constantly working on her relationship with her son.

Meanwhile, Oh Yoon-ah has been raising her son with developmental disabilities alone since her divorce. She is also updating her recent situation with her son through her own channels.

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