Netizens criticize Big Naughty for suddenly going backstage during performance to kiss his girlfriend

Fans were shocked to see rapper Big Naughty’s skinship moment with his girlfriend during a festival performance. 

On June 4th, rapper Big Naughty performed at the “2023 Tone & Music Festival” held at 88 Grass Plaza, Olympic Park.

That day, Big Naughty showed up on the stage wearing a rider jacket and torn skinny jeans, showing off his hip-hop vibe.

The young rapper heated up the festival by presenting exciting performances of hit songs, such as “Romance Symphony” and “Joker”. Hyping fans with an unreleased song, Big Naughty amazed everyone with his unexpected action.

While singing passionately, Big Naughty suddenly left the stage while vibing to the rhythm. After a while, he came back to the stage and continued singing.

At that time, the audience thought it was part of the performance, but controversy arose when someone captured the moment Big Naughty went backstage.

big nauthy girlfriend

The netizen who released the photo taken backstage in the middle of his performance claimed that the young rapper was kissing a person who seemed to be his girlfriend.

As other Internet users also uploaded videos of the situation at the festival on social media, a fan expressed disappointment toward Big Naughty’s behavior, saying “When his girlfriend came, he kept singing the last verse and pointing at one place. While performing the unreleased song, he suddenly left the stage out of excitement.”

Meanwhile, Big Naughty was born in 2003. He made his face known to the public after appearing on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 8” in 2019 then debuted in November of the same year uiwth the single “Where It All Started”.

Source: Insight

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