“Thank you, the late Moonbin, I love you” SEVENTEEN’s touching speech at MAMA 2023

SEVENTEEN won the first Daesang nine years after its debut

On the afternoon of November 29th, the “2023 MAMA AWARDS” was held at the Tokyo Dome in Japan. Just one day earlier, at MAMA Chapter 1, the Daesang “Samsung Galaxy Worldwide Icon of the Year” went to BTS.

The Album of the Year award, the last Daesang, went to SEVENTEEN. Leader S.Coups, who had been absent from the group’s activities due to a cruciate ligament injury, made a surprise appearance at the ceremony, drawing attention. Leader S.Coups said, “I have been an idol under the name of SEVENTEEN, and I thought a lot about whether we could ever win this award. Thanks to CARATs, I’m so happy to receive this award. Thank you,” he said.

Woozi added to the acceptance speech, “I feel like it’s taken a long time for us to get here. We were criticized a lot from the start. Everyone said we could not make it because we had so many members. It’s been more than 10 years since I first wrote SEVENTEEN’s songs. Thank you CARATs for repaying us with this moment. We promise you. We will work hard until the end to become a good team that presents better music,” expressing his affection to his fans.

Lastly, Seung-kwan said, “Can I also say something since it’s our first Daesang,” adding, “While preparing for today’s stage, I felt respect to many singers’ performances. Thank you. Whether we received an award or not, I want to say that all the artists here are so cool and I learn a lot from them. This job is not easy, but I hope we can continue to work well while supporting each other.”


“I don’t know if I should say this, but it’s been a hard year. I want to say thank you to my friend Bin who loved and supported our team,” the singer emotionally mentioning the late Moon-bin of ASTRO, his best friend.

Meanwhile, SEVENTEEN’s 10th mini album “FML” not only set a new record in sales in about two months after its release, but also became the best-selling K-pop single album ever, with more than 6 million sales.

Source: Daum

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