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Song Ji-hyo Thinks Up To 1 Million Won Is Not Expensive For Partner’s Meal? Kim Jong-kook, “I Envy Your Husband”

The cast members of “Running Man” guested Ji Seok-jin’s thoughts in the new episode

In the latest episode of SBS’s “Running Man,” which aired on December 10th, the cast members went on a trip for Ji Seok-jin’s 60th birthday.

They participated in a mission where they had to write down the answer to questions related to Ji Seok-jin in order to get points. The question was, “Seok-jin’s wife ate with a friend with Seok-Jin’s card. He said it was a bit expensive. How much would Seok-jin think was a little expensive?”

“The important thing is he does not prevent his wife from eating with friends, but he thinks that it is expensive,” Yoo Jae-seok guessed 300,000 won. Kim Jong-kook said, “500,000 won?” and Song Ji-hyo said, “I think it’s about 1 million won?”

Then, Yoo said, “As expected from generous Ji-hyo…” and Kim Jong-kook admired, “Your husband must be so lucky.” Then, he asked, “Does he thinks it’s expensive just because his wife ate for 300,000 won?” Haha said, “Because Seok-jin thinks she’s spending his money,” making everyone laugh.

In the end, all the members guested 300,000 won and it was correct.

Source: MyDaily

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