Chanel surprisingly released the promotional videos of G-Dragon – Jennie: Top visual and aura combo, the most classy couple in Kpop!

 G-Dragon – Jennie (BLACKPINK) is definitely the hottest couple right now after being exposed by Dispatch on February 24.

Both are top idols, style icons and especially the representatives of the leading French luxury fashion house Chanel.

BP jennie GDA 2019 683x1024

 Until today (March 9), this brand officially launched a series of photos of Jennie and G-Dragon as ambassadors. Immediately, this set of photos has gained massive attention because the Kpop couple looks so beautiful, luxurious and gives off a classy aura.  With a minimalistic black and white look, Jennie – G-Dragon do not need to pose much to exude the charisma of a top music star and fashion icon.  Kpop now has a couple who are famous ambassadors, but fans still expect Jennie – G-Dragon to take pictures together in the next promotion, which will definitely “explode” with attention on social media. Truly the most “expensive” couple in Kpop!

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