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“Single’s Inferno” Becomes a Gateway to the Entertainment Industry: Was the Goal Entertainment Instead of Dating? 

Netflix’s “Single’s Inferno,” which has produced numerous celebrity-like participants every season, seems to have become a stepping stone for entry into the entertainment industry.

Single’s Inferno” presents a candid and exciting dating reality show featuring single individuals on a remote island from which they can only leave once they become a couple. 

From the planning stage, it garnered a lot of attention as the Korean version of the popular American variety series “Too Hot to Handle.”

Single's Inferno

The response was also hot after its release. “Single’s Inferno” proved the powerful influence of “K-Content” by entering the top 10 most popular rankings on Netflix worldwide, the first Korean entertainment content to do so.

The focus on the emotional lines and relationship changes of the cast members, their eye-catching visuals and honest charms were considered popular factors.

In season 1 of “Single’s Inferno”, participants such as Moon Se Hoon, Choi Si Hoon, Oh Jin Taek, Kim Joon Sik, Kim Hyun Joong, Shin Ji Yeon, Freezia, Kang So Yeon, and An Ye Won received intense attention with their celebrity-like appearances.

Season 2 also ranked 1st in the OTT hot topic show category for two consecutive weeks after its release, thanks to the popularity of season 1. Participants such as Dex (Kim Jin Young) and Shin Seul Gi also ranked high in the OTT hot topic show participant category.

singles inferno 2

Through “Single’s Inferno”, the participants have naturally expanded their activities towards the entertainment industry. Some say they appeared on the program not to find a dating partner, but to advance into the entertainment industry.

In fact, after season 1 ended, Shin Ji Yeon, Kang So Yeon, and Moon Se Hoon signed exclusive contracts with Image9 Entertainment, Brand New Music, and Chorokbaem E&M, respectively, and began their entertainment careers. 

Choi Si Hoon has already become known as a promising actor through web dramas and variety shows, while Freezia is reportedly considering an exclusive contract with Sublime.

The same goes for season 2. Lee So E is currently managed by Saram Entertainment and starred in “The Glory.” Shin Seul Gi, who dreamed of becoming an actress, joined Big Smile Entertainment.

Lee Soo E

While it is up to individuals to decide their career paths, the actions of these participants raise doubts about their intention of appearing on the dating show and can detract from viewer engagement. 

Recently, attention has been focused on what criteria “Single’s Inferno” will use to recruit participants for season 3.

Source: Wikitree. 

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