SHOCK: Lee Hyunjoo admits to being bullied by April members for 3 years!

She also vowed to fight against DSP Media.

At midnight of April 17, Lee Hyunjoo (former member of April) posted a black image on Instagram with a long letter. Accordingly, Hyunjoo admitted that she was bullied by April members for 3 years.

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Before that, a person, claiming to be the younger brother of the female idol, wrote a long post accusing April members of bullying his sister. However, April’s agency – DSP Entertainment has denied this allegation.

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In addition, one of Hyunjoo’s best friend also confirmed that she was bullied by April’s members.

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Hyunjoo has kept quiet about the controversy surrounding this incident until today.

The female idol’s letter is as follows:

“Hello, I’m Hyunjoo Lee.

In the meantime, I was very scared to reveal my position in various situations that started accidentally. I’m still very afraid. The company now sued my younger brother and acquaintances, who are still young students, and the perpetrators’ parents even sent me and my parents criticizing text messages. In this situation, I hesitated a lot because I was afraid of how to make my position difficult. Nevertheless, for those who have encouraged me and those who support me, I think I need to have the courage now, so I wrote less. The bullying began in 2014 when he was preparing for his debut and lasted until 2016 when he left the team. I, who was seventeen at the time, had to prepare for my debut while living in the dorm and spend 24 hours with the perpetrators in a place where there was no one I could rely on. I confessed my pain to my parents because I couldn’t stand it, and they told the representative, but the situation repeatedly blamed me.

After this fact was revealed to the perpetrators, the harassment against me became even worse. The situation got worse, with calls to my parents being allowed only for a short time in front of the manager, and I kept getting smaller. here’s only a fraction of what’s out there. I had to suffer constant violence, verbal abuse, abuse, abuse, and personal attacks over the past three years, especially my precious grandmother, mother, father, and brother’s personal attacks and groundless insults. The company was aware of this fact but did not take any action. This led me to make extreme choices in the darkness where there was no end in sight, but they seemed to feel nothing, no sorry. I left the team by moving the reason why the company unilaterally prepared for me, and as a result, I had to bear the stigma of continuing malicious comments, criticism, and betrayal.

I felt it was all my fault that I gave my family an indelible wound, so l tried to live harder, brighter and healthier. However, the memories that were difficult over time were not easily erased. The dark memories of those days that were left in the corner of my heart were about to become a trauma and swallow me up. I had to have a hard time not only with myself but also with a bad influence on people around me. Meanwhile, the people around me eventually gave me a lot of courage, and I’ve come so far. And I also want to take the courage to help my brother and acquaintances.

Through this incident, I learned that there are many grateful people who support me. I was able to gain strength thanks to the people who asked me how I was doing and worried about me every day by day. I also found out that there are many people who are suffering from similar wounds. It seems that bullying and bullying as a child remains a trauma. I don’t think everyone in the world can fit me well, and sometimes you can hate me. But I think violence and bullying can never be justified for any reason. I think bullying and bullying must be eliminated wherever it is, and whoever it is. Seven years later, I still struggle with the trauma and memories of that time, but I think I shouldn’t just resign and live happily ever after. So I want to show those who have suffered similar pain to me that the victim can overcome the wounds and live a healthy and happy life again. I’d like to repay those who support me by overcoming this situation.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support and strength. It gave me a lot of courage. Currently, all activities through the company have been suspended, and even the new work that came to me has been canceled unilaterally without consultation”. 

Source: Instagram

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